Lead. Challenge. Unlock. Together.

Our approach

Opera was founded on the core principles – our pillars – of Lead. Challenge. Unlock. Together. They shape our values which guide our thoughts, decisions and approach. As our business and reputation have grown - as an alternative to the traditional project management model - we remain true to these values: we retain the energy and optimism of a start-up, blending experience with future potential across our team.

Our clients put their trust in us to coordinate and deliver significant and complex projects. Our approach is based on listening and insight, enabling us to achieve every project’s real potential by unlocking value, often at a project's initial stages. As a business which thrives on chemistry, we create a shared common purpose and provide the space and time for teams to interact creatively and to innovate, securing best value for our clients.

Changing the value of project management.


Inspirational leadership

We take strategic ownership and control of our
projects by inspiring and leading our teams.


Intelligent management

We challenge assumptions and facilitate a positive
project environment to allow creativity to thrive.


Creating value

We create partnerships with our clients and
their teams to leverage our expertise by
identifying, unlocking and realising value.


Collective endeavour

We believe in a business model where collective responsibility and employee satisfaction are paramount, and where achievement is well rewarded.