About Opera

Opera is a different name for project management.

We’re a young organisation, of experienced people and future leaders. We called ourselves Opera because we foster a creative environment, orchestrating exceptional teams in the delivery of extraordinary projects.

People are our business, and we manage with personality. Our work thrives on chemistry so we coalesce behind our clients to challenge and exceed their ambitions, drawing on natural affinities within the team. We generate value by thinking differently and, as creative strategists, apply intelligence to give our clients an advantage no matter what the market conditions. Opera people don’t just manage; they lead.

We take ownership of our clients’ concerns. Delivery is our absolute priority, but we don’t let the need for process obscure Opera’s capacity for imagination. Instead, we provide a non-commoditised service, and are willing to disrupt ‘business as usual’ if it gets a better result. Deep sector expertise is fundamental to this approach, and we always start with the specifics: there’s beauty in the detail.